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Learning and Critiquing Architecture


My research on world historical thought in architecture is inoperable from the problems associated with teaching at a world-scale. “Global history” is now de rigueur in most universities, but its methods and outcomes are not yet absolute. I am interested in how pedagogues have taken on the challenge of global teaching by creating new spaces and methods of teaching. I have written on the pedagogical space of Kenzo Tange’s famous “laboratory” at the University of Tokyo, and I am currently preparing an article on the ways that architecture educators in Japan today teach in response to global climate change. I believe that teaching architecture is also a process of unlocking the potential of critique and I have published several pieces of criticism touching on important issues in contemporary architecture discourse, including the influence of cryptocurrency on new architecture, trends in exhibiting architecture, and responses to Olympic architecture and urbanism in Japan.


(Forthcoming) “See/Predict/Critique: Evaluating Architecture in Japan,” gta papers, special issue on “The Crit” (2022). (Forthcoming) “The Lab and the Nation: Kenzo Tange and Japanese Architecture Education” in Radical Pedagogies (The MIT Press), edited by Beatriz Colomina, Anna-Maria Meister, Evangelos Kotsioris, Federica Vannucchi and Ignacio G. Galan. “The Cryptoshed,” in Log 43 (2018), 53-57. “Mysteries at the Warehouse: Tokyo’s Archi-Depot,” in Log 39 (2017), 39-43. “The Alien Anxieties of Tokyo’s Olympic Architecture” in Art Papers (2016), 19-23.


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