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Shaping a Shared Future Together

Tokyo College aims to generate new knowledge to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society and spark deeper public engagement with the University.


Tokyo College – Overview

Tokyo College was established in 2019 as a new institution to achieve 2 primary objectives.

1. To become a “Global Base for Knowledge Collaboration” that contributes to both the world and future human society,
2. To enhance the international presence of the University of Tokyo as well as that of Japan in academic fields.

The following actions will be taken in order for Tokyo College to achieve these objectives.

1. Invite leading domestic and foreign researchers, young researchers with prospective futures, and influential intellectuals to collaborate in joint research with faculties of the University of Tokyo.
2. Create cutting-edge research results by periodically holding interdisciplinary seminars/workshops amongst the researchers of Tokyo College.
3. Quickly share advanced knowledge with students and the public through lectures and symposia given by invited lecturers and intellects as well as from the resident researchers. Also, widely promote the importance of universities in the creation of a healthy future society and the appeal of learning, while establishing a dialogue between researchers and students, as well as the public.

“Sharing the Joy of Discovery and the Power of Knowledge” is the main concept of Tokyo College. Under this concept, the central theme to be tackled in the mid-to-long term is “The Earth and Human Society in 2050”. Tokyo College will focus on the following themes using an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond research in a simple scientific/humanities frameworks.

1. Digital Revolution and the Future of Humanity
2. Tackling Planetary Boundaries through Interdisciplinary Approaches
3. Japan Viewed from Inside and Outside
4. Humanities in 2050 – World Philosophy, World History and World Literature
5. Life and its Value for Future Society

Tokyo College has been established as a section of the University of Tokyo International Institutes for Advanced Studies, a university-wide organization that advance the internationalization of research environments and improves the excellence of academic pursuits. Furthermore, it works in close collaboration with the Future Society Initiatives (FSI), a division of the university which the President leads as Director General. To achieve its goals, Tokyo College also cooperates with the Collège de France, a French academic institution with a long history.