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A message from Takeo HOSHI, Director of Tokyo College.

Director’s Message

Tokyo College was established in February 2019 as a place where researchers both inside and outside the University of Tokyo, distinguished intellectuals, and citizens come together to think about various aspects of future society. Under the leadership of the first college director, Masashi Haneda, Tokyo College has established itself as the focal point of interdisciplinary and international research at the University of Tokyo. Even the COVID-19 crisis could not slow us down. The college has invited researchers, intellectuals, and promising young researchers from all over the world, and had them interact with researchers and students at the University of Tokyo to generate new knowledge. At the same time, we have disseminated the latest research on various issues to society through webinars and other means.

In 2021, the University of Tokyo adopted the basic policy of UTokyo Compass "Into a Sea of Diversity: Creating the Future through Dialogue." As a global university that serves the global public interest, the basic policy sets important goals from three perspectives: "knowledge," "people," and "place." Tokyo College is proud to play a central role in all three perspectives. By creating a global "place" that interacts with society, we aim to build "knowledge" that transcends fields and nurture "people," especially young, promising researchers.

As the new director of the college starting this April, I pledge to do my best to further enhance Tokyo College. I appreciate your continued support for Tokyo College.

April, 2024

               東京カレッジ Director, Tokyo College Takeo HOSHI

From the President

Creating new knowledge and disseminating it to the world
President of the University of Tokyo GONOKAMI Makoto

Today, advancement in information and communication technologies such as computers and internet, brought about by the semiconductor electronics born in the middle of the twentieth century, have become indispensable part of our society and economy. The speed in which these new technologies evolve and spread across the world is becoming ever faster.

Every second, an enormous amount of data from all parts of the world is being collected through the internet and accumulated in cyberspace. The recent advancement in AI technology is opening up the possibility for us to fully utilize this big data. It is creating an unprecedented situation in the history of humanity, where the physical world in which we live fuses with the cyber space in a very sophisticated manner. In this Digital Revolution, the source of economic value will shift from physical resources to data and ideas. It will bring about a disruptive transformation to our world and how we relate to one another. It is not easy for us to predict where this transformation will lead us and our planet.

However, I believe that this transformation has a great potential to help us realize a better future for all, empowering us with tools and ideas to overcome difficult global issues, including disparities of many kinds, climate change, anti-foreignism, national and regional conflicts. We can realize a future where diversity is embraced and where every individual is able to take part in society on their own terms, at the same time achieving sustainable and harmonious growth of the humanity and the planet. On the other hand, this transformation could also make our world much more unstable. The Digital revolution could result in the critical escalation of existing global issues, by creating new problems like the monopolization of data.

What should we do to make sure that this transformation can project us to a better future for all? I believe that it is important for each individual to consider this time of change as a chance, and have the courage to strive for a positive outcome. Then, we must share this will and desire with individuals from all walks of life, work together by combining each other’s strength and create a large momentum for change. The University of Tokyo is determined to provide a platform for such activities and become a driving force of social innovation. Throughout its 142-year history, the University of Tokyo has contributed to humanity by adding to the diversity of knowledge through the unique collaboration of traditional Japanese scholarship and the scholarship of the world. The Inauguration of Tokyo College is an ambitious step to further enhance our strength and capacity to contribute to the creation of an inclusive future.

Tokyo College aims to create new knowledge and communicate it to the global public, by bringing together excellent leading researchers and intellectuals, from broad range of fields and from around the world. It also aims to create strong synergy with the scholars of the University of Tokyo, crossing the boundaries of traditional disciplines to create a wellspring of new academic ideas. Tokyo College will provide an exciting environment for students where they can constantly access leading researchers and cutting-edge research and be motivated to become global leaders.

The most important role of the Tokyo College is communication. We want to communicate the importance of appreciating the value of cutting-edge knowledge and the environment that creates it. We hope to share with a global public the excitement, profoundness, and breadth of academic pursuits carried out over a variety of the time scale. Through the activities of Tokyo College, we hope that the global public will become a part of our global community, and partners as we work together to create a better future for all.