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Video Series

“Tackling the Planetary Boundaries”

At the University of Tokyo event “Tokyo Forum 2020 Online” held in December of 2020, one of Tokyo College’s key research themes, “Tackling the Planetary Boundaries,” was a point of focus, which sounded the alarm regarding the crisis of the “global commons,” or resources that are shared by all of humanity. As a follow-up, Tokyo College created and released two videos. The first is a brief video that conveys the current status of the global commons in an easy-to-understand manner using snippets from the Tokyo Forum event. The second is a dialogue and information exchange between thought leaders University of Tokyo Professor OKI Taikan and film director KAWASE Naomi in which they communicate the state of the global environment and provide us with hints for future society.

Symposium Series “The Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences”

Building on the report “On the Promotion and Prospects of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tokyo” (December 2020), in this series panelists discuss a variety of topics across three sessions. Featured topics include the significance of the humanities and social sciences, the classification of academic disciplines, the current status and difficulties of research and education at UTokyo, and plans for the future. 

Reconsidering the Division Between “the Humanities” and “the Sciences”

The Humanities and Social Sciences Going Forward

Perspectives from the Sociology of Knowledge

Symposium Series “Lifestyles and Society after COVID-19: A Long-term Perspective”

Dealing with the present challenges posed by COVID-19 is of great importance. However, a long-term perspective is necessary as well. In this series of symposiums, we will reflect on lessons learned from the pandemic and discuss from various perspectives how to utilize these lessons to construct a more resilient post-corona society.

International Women’s Day Webinar Series 2021

 Tokyo College actively supports the research activities of young researchers. We hope that this series will help initiate an interdisciplinary conversation about gender.

Gender in University Interview: Professor OSAWA Machiko

Masculinities in East Asia: Emerging Topics

Japan Gender Update: Envisioning a Far more Female Future of Japan 2021 SHIRAHASE Sawako x Bill Emmott

“The Japanese Economy” Online Discussion (Season 2)

Takatoshi Ito and Takeo Hoshi, the authors of The Japanese Economy, 2nd Edition (MIT Press), discuss current issues in the Japanese economy. The first two episodes focus on environmental policy and feature Toshi Arimura, environmental economist at Waseda University, as the guest. The last two focus on labor market and feature Daiji Kawaguchi, labor economist at the University of Tokyo. 

※English language only

A Series of Dialogues on Global History

What is global history, a new trend of historical studies? Global historians and junior researchers at Tokyo College exchange their ideas on the meaning and the potential of global history. Global History’s methods, effective topics and positionality of historians will be also discussed. (13 Videos : Prologue, Session 1 Methods of Global History, Session 2 Practices of Global History, Session 3 Global History and Positionality, Epilogue) 

“The Japanese Economy” Online Discussion (Season 1)

Takatoshi Ito and Takeo Hoshi, the authors of The Japanese Economy, 2nd Edition (MIT Press), discuss current issues in the Japanese economy. 

※Japanese language only

Tokyo College Symposium: “Beyond Corona Crisis”

We have set six themes to consider in thinking about the “Corona Crisis” and the future world. Experts from various disciplines will discuss each theme in a round table.

※Japanese language only