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Posters collection

2021.10.13 Mathematics: a typical or atypical model of academic excellence? An empirical study of the French case Download PDF
2021.10.12 In Conversation with the Author of “Das Kapital” in Anthropocene Download PDF
2021.09.01 Ask the Authors! “Follies and Wisdom in the History of Taxation” by Michael KEEN and Joel SLEMROD Download PDF
2021.07.29 Symposium Series :The Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences - Perspectives from the Sociology of Knowledge Download PDF
2021.07.19 Symposium Series :The Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences - The Humanities and Social Sciences Going Forward Download PDF
2021.07.12 Symposium Series :The Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences - Reconsidering the Division Between “the Humanities” and “the Sciences” Download PDF
2021.07.12-2021.07.29 Symposium Series “The Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences” Download PDF
2021.07.21 Panel discussion on the lecture “Resilience and Innovation in Japan’s economy” Download PDF
2021.06.24 Resilience and Innovation in Japan’s economy Download PDF
2021.06.09 Symposium: “Religion and the Rise of Capitalism” Download PDF
2021.05.27 Talk to the Authors: The Puzzle of Vaccine Hesitancy Download PDF
2021.03.24-2021.04.23 Symposium Series “Lifestyles and Society after COVID-19: A Long-term Perspective” Download PDF
2021.03.10-2021.03.31 “The Japanese Economy” Online Discussion Season 2 Download PDF
2021.03.08-2021.03.12 International Women’s Day Webinar Series Download PDF
2021.02.09-2021.02.19 A Series of Dialogues on Global History 【Session 3 Global History and Positionality】 Download PDF
2021.01.29-2021.02.05 A Series of Dialogues on Global History【Session 2 Practices of Global History】 Download PDF
2021.01.22 Technology for the society of “No One Left Behind” Download PDF
2021.01.15-2021.01.26 A Series of Dialogues on Global History【Session 1 Methods of Global History】 Download PDF
2021.01.15-2021.02.23 A Series of Dialogues on Global History Download PDF
2020.12.08 Understanding the Physics of Virus Transmission Download PDF
2020.11.30 Can AI and humans understand each other? Download PDF
2020.10.14 “I want to know!” Aspiring to create a better relationship between society and experts Download PDF
2020.10.02 “Reconsidering the Correlation between Electricity and Magnetism in Materials” Download PDF
2020.09.28 Symposium: Business Restructuring after COVID-19 Download PDF
2020.09.04-2020.09.25 “The Japanese Economy” Online Discussion The fruits of Abenomics, Part 1 & 2 Download PDF
2020.08.27 “World History” in Traditional Chinese Historiography Download PDF
2020.07.29 Modern Memories: The Public History of Industrial Heritage in Japan Download PDF
2020.06.17-2020.07.08 Symposium: "Beyond Corona Crisis" Download PDF
2020.06.16 Workshop: "The Corona Crisis in Cultural Contexts: Identity, Language, History" Download PDF
2020.06.08 Last Great Fest within the Tributary Circle Download PDF
2020.06.02 Roundtable: "Living through a Pandemic – Reassessing the Covid-19 Crisis around the World" Download PDF
2020.02.21 The Beginning of Lithium-Ion Batteries: Development of High-Voltage Cathode Download PDF
2020.02.05 Japanese as a Global Scientific Language Download PDF
2020.01.24 Japan’s grand strategy with historical perspective Download PDF
2020.01.20 The Mysterious Particles: Neutrinos Download PDF
2019.11.27 Facing the Challenges of Global Environmental Problems Download PDF
2019.11.20 Challenges of Science to Combat the Global Climate Change Download PDF
2019.11.12 Japan and the Sustainable Development Goals: Domestic Challenges, Global Opportunities Download PDF
2019.10.31 What is a human being? Thinking about the digital revolution, genomic revolution and human society Download PDF
2019.10.24 The Might of the Weak: The Role of Small States in International Relations and the Case of Iceland Download PDF
2019.09.30 Fuel of life Download PDF
2019.09.19 Kidney Diseases: Taming the Silent Killer Download PDF
2019.09.02 Global History Download PDF
2019.07.22 Japan That Breaks Away from‘the Postwar’ Download PDF
2019.07.10 “What is the ‘World’ in Japanese? Reexamination of Philosophy, History, Literature and Religion” Download PDF
2019.06.21 「DarkTourism」in Japan:Global,National,and Local Perspectives” Download PDF
2019.06.17 Why can't time run backwards? Download PDF
2019.05.27 “The Gothic Cathedral of Science: The Nobel Prize and the Concept of ‘Revolution’” Download PDF
2019.05.15 “Envisioning a far more female future of Japan” Download PDF