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BLOG Re-thinking planetary boundaries – the framework of the nine Earth system limits

We are already aware we cannot use everything on this planet limitless and the scale of our present activities threatens the well-being of future generations as well as our own.


Marcin Pawel JARZEBSKI
October 14, 2020

PUBLICATION Tokyo College Booklet Series

The volume "Medicine・Epidemiology," edited by NANGAKU Masaomi and the volume "Value" edited by NAKAJIMA Takahiro are available in Japanese language.


VIDEO “Reconsidering the Correlation between Electricity and Magnetism in Materials”

Professor TOKURA Yoshinori discusses the cutting edge research in physics.

VIEW ON YOUTUBE (Japanese only)


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Future Tasks for Japanese Studies. A Personal Reflection – Part III

FACIUS Michael

Part III: The Classroom as a Site of Renewal. In the previous parts I stressed a desire for more conversation: between area studies and the disciplines, between Japanese and non-Japanese scholars of Japan, between academics and the wider public. Crucially, we also need to listen to our students. In…

Future Tasks for Japanese Studies. A Personal Reflection – Part II

FACIUS Michael

PART II: Japan as Method. What I found exciting as a German studying Japanese history was the change of perspective it entailed. For good reason, schooling in German history and public debates centered on National Socialism, the Second World War and the Holocaust. The purpose of national history after 1945…