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Can Tax Systems Cope with Cryptocurrencies?

Michael KEEN

Cryptocurrencies—Bitcoin being the leading and best-known example—excite strong reactions. Some see them as, at best, inherently worthless, ultimately doomed to be exposed as such; and, at worst (with spectacular collapses, such as that of FTX in…

Nature Positive Campuses

Tokyo College Blog

Author  Swetha SOUNDARARAJAN (3rd Year Undergraduate Student, Natural Sciences II, College of Arts and Sciences Senior Division, The University of Tokyo) Students at the University of Tokyo were invited to co-organize the session “Opportunities for nature…

Our Fifth Spring

HANEDA Masashi

The seasons have turned, and in April, we welcomed the new academic year. This is the fifth spring for Tokyo College. The number of early-career researchers at the College now totals 22, with two associate professors,…

Mark Bookman

HANEDA Masashi

On the morning of Friday, December 16th, Tokyo College Postdoctoral Fellow Mark Bookman passed away. He was only 31 years old. When I received the news that afternoon, it was so sudden that I could hardly…

CBAM? Sounds boring, but it might help save the planet

Michael KEEN

At the start of 2023, the European Union will begin introducing the world’s first Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). That sounds very dull and nerdy, and it may not grab many headlines. But if you care…