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Our Fourth Spring

HANEDA Masashi

This month, Tokyo College welcomed its fourth academic year since its founding in February of 2019. As I noted in the blog titled “Graduate No. 1” from this past February, Tokyo College has grown steadily over the last t…

New Member Interview: Postdoctoral Fellow Yen Yen Sally RAHAYU

Tokyo College Blog

In this blog series, we interview new members of Tokyo College. For this entry, we spoke with Dr. Yen Yen Sally RAHAYU, a Postdoctoral Fellow who joined us this April. Welcome to Tokyo College! Could you tell us a little…

Graduate No. 1

HANEDA Masashi

  Tokyo College was established on February 1, 2019. As of the end of January, exactly three years have passed. The first picture you see here is of myself and Distinguished University Professor TOKURA on the day the Col…

Research at Tokyo College

HANEDA Masashi

You may have noticed that an interesting new batch of information was recently uploaded to the Tokyo College website. At the top of our homepage on the second row, there are links to several pages beginning with “About u…

letters from cities #01: what is “dense”?


Recently, I relocated to Tokyo and found myself nesting in Mejirodai (目白台), an old neighborhood located in Bunkyō-ku (文京区) within Tokyo’s 23 special wards. Being a Tokyoite newbie playing an urbanist role, wandering arou…