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Identity and the curation of sites of modern heritage


As I write this blog, all of us here at Tokyo College, and all around the world, are living in truly abnormal times. For the more fortunate among us, the novel corona virus, aka COVID-19, has…

Will Digital Technology Save Us? : The Post-Coronavirus World


How long will the city lockdowns and closed borders continue? On April 7th, a state of emergency was declared for 7 of Japan’s prefectures, including Tokyo, and citizens were asked to reduce their contact with other…

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Corona Crisis

FACIUS Michael

Just like everyone else, the team at Tokyo College has been affected by the corona crisis and the increasingly drastic measures put into place to prevent a further spread of the pandemic. Our public lectures had…

The World Standing on the Premise that People Move and Get Together

HANEDA Masashi

With the start of the new academic year, new young researchers have joined Tokyo College: a project assistant professor, a post-doctoral researcher, and two project researchers. In May, another project assistant professor is scheduled to join…

Four Italian Philosophers on the Covid-19 Emergency


Since it began, 2020 has been “the year of the coronavirus.” In recent weeks, we have witnessed the spread of the virus not only in China, but also in Asia, Europe, and the US. As I…

Research at Tokyo College

HANEDA Masashi

The continuing spread of Covid-19 has forced us to postpone all of the five lectures and panel discussions we had planned to take place over a period of one month, starting from the end of February….