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Four Italian Philosophers on the Covid-19 Emergency


Since it began, 2020 has been “the year of the coronavirus.” In recent weeks, we have witnessed the spread of the virus not only in China, but also in Asia, Europe, and the US. As I write this post, I have just heard the…

Research at Tokyo College

HANEDA Masashi

The continuing spread of Covid-19 has forced us to postpone all of the five lectures and panel discussions we had planned to take place over a period of one month, starting from the end of February. This is really a sham…

Tokyo College as an interdisciplinary ‘agora’


Engaging about a year from the establishment of Tokyo College since February 2019, the College is coming to be a new arena for various scholars and people from different expertise in variety of disciplines together. With…

“Japanese as a Global Scientific Language”

HANEDA Masashi

On Wednesday, February 5th, Prof. Viktoria Eschbach (University of Tubingen, Germany), who has been staying at Tokyo College since last October, gave a lecture titled “Japanese as a Global Scientific Language.” I suppose…

A Year Has Passed

HANEDA Masashi

The renewal of our website was an opportunity for us to create a new platform to reach a much wider audience. I am referring to the new blog section, where members of Tokyo College can share their thoughts and feelings r…