Distinguished Lecture Series - Tokyo College

Distinguished Lecture Series

One of the important missions of Tokyo College, which is home to the University of Tokyo's Distinguished Professors, is to make the world's most advanced, cutting-edge research available quickly to students and the general public.

In any given academic field, there are outstanding researchers who are internationally recognized as "masters" of their field.

In this lecture series, Tokyo College collaborates with departments throughout the university to have masters from various fields share some of their latest research outcomes with the general public.


「グローバル化、帝国、近現代世界の創出」講師:A. G. Hopkins教授
東京カレッジ講演「自己組織化とものづくり」講師:藤田 誠(東京大学卓越教授)
The UK’s ‘Indo-Pacific Tilt’, Lecture by Professor Alastair MORGAN
Tokyo College Lecture “Resilience and Innovation in Japan’s economy” by Prof. Jenny CORBETT
オンライン講演会「物質の中の電気と磁気――新しい考え方」講師:十倉 好紀(東京大学卓越教授)
東京大学総長特別表彰授与式・東京カレッジ講演会 「リチウムイオン電池のはじまりー高電圧正極の開発」 講演:水島公一
Tokyo College Event “The Might of the Weak: The Role of Small States in International Relations and the Case of Iceland” by Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson, President of the Republic of Iceland
Tokyo College Event “Fuel of life” by Prof. Sir John Walker
第2回 東京カレッジ講演会 「科学のゴシック大聖堂:ノーベル賞と『革命』概念について」講演者:スヴァンテ・リンドクヴィスト氏