Japanese Aging Society Is Not Only About Old People (YouTube Dialogue Series) - Tokyo College

Japanese Aging Society Is Not Only About Old People (YouTube Dialogue Series)

Marcin Pawel JARZEBSKI

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Aging is a life-long process that takes place on both the biological and social levels. As a result, we should approach aging as a new normal to which we must adapt rather than a problem to be "fixed." Japan, as an example of a "super aging" society, reveals that demographic changes affect more than just the older people. Interventions aimed at assisting older people, such as barrier-free infrastructure, robotic assistants, caretakers, and access to natural surroundings, benefit various societal groups, including but not limited to disabled people, women, children, and immigrants. From various disciplinary points of view, in the form of short dialogues, we will reflect on how Japan and other countries have dealt with demographic shifts to shed light on potential futures for our "older" society.

Introduction - Aging society in Japan and globally

Dialogue 1: Infrastructure and Migration

Dialogue 2: Nature and Robots

Dialogue 3: Language and Sustainability


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