Mobility and Connectivity - Tokyo College

Mobility and Connectivity

Few things shape our world more profoundly than mobility. While some see mobility as hardwired into humans, processes of globalisation and technological evolution have intensified the speed and impact of flows and movements by establishing evermore connections between faraway places. Together, mobility and connectivity produce a “natural” flow of products, ideas, cultures, and languages, as well as millions of social, economic, and political interconnections.

Against these backdrops, this research group aims to bring together a plurality of disciplines so as to build an epistemic community where a rich variety of perspectives can be gathered to make sense of:

  • Past and present experiences of passengers, pedestrians, migrants, and refugees;
  • The arrival and transformation of mobility in different nations, locales and spaces;
  • The kinetic processes of urbanisation and development, technology, narratives, cultures, and languages;
  • And the intersectionality of boundaries of class, nationality, ethnicity, and gender in an increasingly mobile and interconnected world.