Michael ROELLINGHOFF - Tokyo College
Postdoctoral Fellow


01 Research Description

I recently completed my doctorate in History from the University of Toronto and am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Tokyo College. At present, I am working on a book manuscript focused on trans-colonial discourses and policy utilized by Japanese colonialists in Hokkaido during the early Meiji period. I am particularly interested in the doctrine of terra nullius and efforts by Japanese and Euro-American colonialists alike to “de-indigenize” Hokkaido’s Indigenous Ainu people. I am also in the early phases of my next project which will detail the Imperial Japanese Army’s suppression of the burgeoning Indonesian nationalist movement in Java, re-occupying Java on behalf of the Dutch in October 1945.

02 Short Biography

2020- Postdoctoral fellow at Tokyo College
2019 PhD in History, University of Toronto
2013 MA in East Asian Studies, University of Toronto
2007 Combined Honours BA in Multimedia and Japanese Studies, McMaster University