TERADA Yuki - Tokyo College
Project Assistant Professor


Research interests Iran, Area Studies, Museum, Visual Culture
01 Description of Research

I am interested in how “museum” has been used to divide or unite human groups and the sense of belonging. I have been researching the birth and evolution of “museum” in Iran and the changes in museum exhibitions of art including modern and contemporary art. I particularly examine how master narratives have been built in the “museum” in relation to the changes of governing system as well as of revolution.

02 Short Biography

2022­–present, Project Assistant Professor, Tokyo College, The University of Tokyo

2022 Ph.D. in Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo

2020­–present, Part-Time Lecturer, Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP), Rikkyo University

2020­–2022 Project Researcher, Tokyo College, The University of Tokyo

2012–2014 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research fellow (DC2)

2010 MSc in Middle Eastern Politics, School of Oriental and African Study, University of London

2009 BA in Politics, School of Oriental and African Study, University of London

03 Publications and Other Research Activities


Yuki Terada, supervised by Masashi Haneda, illustrated by Hiromichi Ito. Panoramic World History 5: The Changing World. Otsuki Shoten. 2015. (Japanese)

Chapter and article

Terada, Yuki, “12-17 Contemporary Art”, “12-18 Contemporary Art Museum”, in Suzuki, T., Kondo, J., Akahori, M. (eds.), Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and Orient Culture. Maruzen Publishing. 2020. (Japanese).

Terada, Y., Exhibitions of Art in Iran and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Ji Meng and Atsuko Ukai (eds.). Translation, History and Arts: New Horizons in Asian Interdisciplinary Humanities Research. P199. pp89-109. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2013.

Terada, Y., Jackson Pollock: A Centennial Retrospective. Art Tomorrow. No.7 Winter, 2012.

Terada, Y., Review: Arab Express. Art Asia Pacific. Issue 80. Sept/Oct. 2012.

Conference presentation

“Depicting Cultural Encounters in Japanese Puppet TV Shows: A Case Study of Arabian Nights in Pop-up Gourd Island”. Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference. Boston (U.S.). 2023.3.17.

“Identities through the lens of puppetry – A report from Iran”. #Metttafestival – Who are we on social media? Exhibition organized by Goethe Institute Tokyo. BUoY, Tokyo (Japan). 2022.10.2.

“Visualizing the ‘World’ in Museums: Case Studies from Iran”. Global History Collaborative Workshop at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany).2015.10.5.

“Reconsidering Categories in World History: Towards Overcoming the Self-Other Binary”. Graduate Student Workshop: Symposium on World History and Worlds Together, Worlds Apart. Princeton University (U.S.). 2013.12.19.

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