TERADA Yuki - Tokyo College
Project Researcher


01 Description of Research

I am interested in how “museum” has been used to divide or unite human groups and the sense of belonging. I have been researching the birth and evolution of “museum” in Iran and the changes in museum exhibitions of art including modern and contemporary art. I particularly examine how master narratives have been built in the “museum” in relation to the changes of governing system as well as of revolution.

02 Short Biography

2009 BA Politics in University of London, School of Oriental and African Study
2010 MSc Middle Eastern Politics in University of London, School of Oriental and African Study
2012-2014 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research fellow (DC2)
2019 University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Area Studies, Doctoral program (completed with expulsion)
2020- Project Researcher, Tokyo College, University of Tokyo / Part-Time Lecturer, Global Liberal Arts Program (GLAP), Rikkyo University

03 Major Publications

寺田悠紀 文,羽田正 監,ヒロミチイト 絵.『輪切りで見える!パノラマ世界史5 変わりつづける世界』.大月書店.2015.

寺田悠紀「12-17 コンテンポラリーアート」「12-18 現代美術館事情」鈴木董、近藤二郎、赤堀雅幸(編)『中東・オリエント文化事典』.丸善出版.2020.11月刊行予定

Yuki, T. Exhibitions of Art in Iran and the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Ji Meng and Atsuko Ukai (eds.). Translation, History and Arts: New Horizons in Asian Interdisciplinary Humanities Research. P199. pp89-109. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 2013.

Yuki, T. Jackson Pollock: A Centennial Retrospective. Art Tomorrow. No.7 Winter, 2012.

Yuki, T. Review: Arab Express. Art Asia Pacific. Issue 80. Sept/Oct. 2012.

寺田悠紀.評論.イラン:展示される「イスラーム革命」-35年を経た今.『ASAHI中東マガジン』.2014.4.29 配信.(http://middleeast.asahi.com/report/2014042700003.html)