Rory SCHACTER - Tokyo College
Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Field Political Theory, History of Political Thought
01 Description of Research

I am a political theorist who works on democratic theory and the history of Western political philosophy. In my PhD dissertation, I explored the relation between democratic sovereignty, liberalism, and the modern scientific-rationalist outlook through a study of the political philosophy of Spinoza. I have also written on Tocqueville’s critical appraisal of modern democracy’s long-term prospects. My current project at Tokyo College considers how, or to what extent, revolutionary progress in digital technology poses novel challenges to democratic theory and practice (including representation, centralized versus de-centralized power structures, and privacy).

02 Short Biography

2020- Postdoctoral Fellow, Tokyo College
2015-2020 Lecturer, Society, Engineering, & Ethics Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2018-20 Postdoctoral Fellow in Intellectual History, Department of History, Harvard University
2018 PhD, Department of Government, Harvard University
2014 MA, Department of Government, Harvard University
2007 MA, Religious Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2004 BA, Political Science, University of Toronto

03 Publications and Other Research Activities

“Tocqueville and the Paradoxes of Digital Individualism.” Forthcoming in Liberal Education in an Age of Automation, edited by Karim Dharamsi. Wilmington, DE: Vernon Press. (under contract)

“Tocqueville’s ‘New Political Science’ as a Correction of The Federalist.” In Exploring the Social and Political Economy of Alexis de Tocqueville, edited by Adam Martin and Peter Boettke. New York: Palgrave McMillan. (Winter 2020)

“Hermann Cohen’s Secular Messianism and Cosmopolitan Liberalism.” Jewish Political Studies Review, Vol. 20, No. 1, 2008.