WANG Wenlu - Tokyo College
01 Description of Research

My research concerns the cultural encounters between Asia and Europe in the early modern period. I am primarily interested in the cultural interactions between the two via the migrations of people and books, through translation. My current project focus on the process of the Catholic doctrine’s introduction into the Chinese culture and language. To further develop this research, I intend to study also how exiting networks of people and books in Asia have impacted the reception of Christianity and European knowledge in Asia.

02 Short Biography

2020 April- Project Researcher, Tokyo College
2020 March Completed doctoral program of Division of Asian Studies, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, the University of Tokyo (Ph.D. Candidate, course completed)
2014 June M.A. in Comparative Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University
2011 June B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Foreign Studies University

03 Major Publications

「『天主実義』の初期刊本とその改訂をめぐって」、『或問』、近代東西言語文化接触研究会、第31号、2017年6月。63-70頁。[Japanese]Chinese translation (with revision)「『天主実義』初期刊本の改訂問題」、楊慧玲、李真編『尋踪古今 問学中西――張西平教授七十華誕頌寿文集』、学苑出版社、2018年3月。2-11頁。