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Tokyo College “Corona Forum” Online Event

Since the emergence of “Corona Crisis” in March, researchers at the Tokyo College have been gathering online to discuss how academics can play a role in overcoming the crisis, and how we can communicate our finding effectively to a wider society.

As a result of this discussion, we have decided to host a series of three online events within the framework of “Corona Forum”. Because it is still difficult to hold physical events, this will be our first online event. We hope that this series of events will interest many of you and that they can provide platforms for an exchange of opinions and information.

1.Tokyo College Round table: “Living through a Pandemic – Reassessing the Covid-19 Crisis around the World”
This roundtable virtually brings together international scholars who have been affiliated with the Tokyo College. They will discuss responses to the pandemic in the country of their residence and provide insights into how the post-Covid19 world may look like.

Date: June 2, 2020
Time: 9 pm-11pm (JST)
Platform: YouTube Live Streaming (
* The discussion will be recorded, so you can watch it on YouTube after the event too.

Jeremy I. Adelman (Princeton University)
Bill Emmott (Writer & Chairman of the Japan Society of the UK)
Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo (Tübingen University)
Takeo Hoshi (The University of Tokyo)
Svante Lindqvist (Former Director of Nobel Museum, Former President of Royal Swedish Academy of Science)
PARK Cheol Hee (Seoul National University)
Moderator: HANEDA Masashi (Tokyo College Director)
Language: English (No translation available)

We have sent 4 questions to the speakers in advance:

1. How is the coronavirus epidemic in your country at this moment?
2. What is the current political, economic and social situation in your country in connection with the corona crisis?
3. What is the particularity, according to you, of your country's reaction vis-a-vis the corona crisis?
4. How do you envision the post-corona world?

Speakers have recorded their answers to each question in 20-minute videos prior to the roundtable. The videos are also available at Tokyo College Channel:
Speakers will join the online round table after watching all the videos.

2.Tokyo College Workshop: “The Corona Crisis in Cultural Contexts: Identity, Language, History”
Researchers at Tokyo College will share and exchange their views on the "Corona Crisis" from three different perspectives. 

Date: June 16, 2020
Time: 3 pm-6 pm (JST)
Platform: Zoom webinar
Language: English (No translation available)

Speakers:Michael Facius, SHAKUTO Shiori, Marcin Jarzebski, Viktoria Eschbach-Szabo, Maria Telegina, WANG Wenlu, HANEDA Masashi, Michael Roellinghoff, Andrew Gordon (All speakers are from Tokyo College)

3.Tokyo College Symposium: “Beyond Corona Crisis”

We have set six themes to consider in thinking about the “Corona Crisis” and the future world. Experts from various disciplines will discuss each theme in a round table. Discussions will be held sequentially from June 17 (Wed).

Language: Japanese (No English translation available)

Six themes and the chairs of each round table are as follows:

Medicine・Epidemiology: Masaomi Nangaku (Head of Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, The University of Tokyo)

Life and Society:Makoto Yokohari(Professor of School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Value:Takahiro Nakajima(Professor of Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo)

Economics:Takeo Hoshi(Professor of Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo/Tokyo College Project Professor)

SDGs:Takashi Mino(Tokyo College Project Professor)

Utilization and Management of Information:Toshiya Watanabe(Vice President of The University of Tokyo/Professor of Institute for Future Initiatives, The University of Tokyo)

Details of the speakers and the Live streaming are announced in Upcoming Events.