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Yiguang JU

Other Affiliations Princeton University Website https://engineering.princeton.edu/faculty/yiguang-ju Period of stay July 18, 2023 - January 12, 2024
01 Description of Research

Propulsion and Energy Sciences

02 Short Biography

Yiguang Ju is the Robert Porter Patterson Professor at Princeton University. He received his bachelor degree from Tsinghua University in 1986, and his PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Tohoku University in 1994.  He was appointed as an Assistant and Associate Professor at Tohoku University from 1995 to 1999, and as a Chang-Jiang Professor and the Director of Thermo-physics Institute at Tsinghua University in 2000. He joined Princeton University in 2001. Ju’s research interests include combustion, alternative fuels, propulsion, plasma chemistry, and energy materials for low carbon energy conversion and manufacturing. He has published more than 260 journal articles. He is an ASME Fellow and an inaugural Fellow of the Combustion Institute. He served as the chair of US Sections of the Combustion Institute, Board of Director of the Combustion Institute, the NASA rocket study committee, and the NAS steering committee for NASA decadal survey on biological and physical sciences research in space. He received the Bessel Research Award from von Humboldt Foundation, NASA Director’s appreciation award, the AIAA Propellants and Combustion award (2021), and the Alfred C. Egerton Gold Medal from the Combustion Institute (2022).

03 Publications and Other Research Activities

Selected Publications
Dong, Q., Lele, A.D., Zhao, X., Li, S., Cheng, S., Wang, Y., Cui, M., Guo, M., Brozena, A.H., Lin, Y. and Li, T., Ju, Y., Hu, L., 2023. Depolymerization of plastics by means of electrified spatiotemporal heating. Nature, 616(7957), pp.488-494.

Zhong, Hongtao, Xin Yang, Xingqian Mao, Mikhail N. Shneider, Igor V. Adamovich, and Yiguang Ju. “Plasma thermal-chemical instability of low-temperature dimethyl ether oxidation in a nanosecond-pulsed dielectric barrier discharge.” Plasma Sources Science and Technology 31, no. 11 (2022): 114003.

Chen, T.Y., Goldberg, B.M., Patterson, B.D., Kolemen, E., Ju, Y. and Kliewer, C.J., 2020. 1-D imaging of rotation-vibration non-equilibrium from pure rotational ultrafast coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering. Optics Letters, 45(15), pp.4252-4255.

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Abram, C., Shan, J., Yang, X., Yan, C., Steingart, D. and Ju, Y., 2019. Flame Aerosol Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Ni-Rich Layered Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2(2), pp.1319-1329

Yang, X., Zhao, F., Yeh, Y.W., Selinsky, R.S., Chen, Z., Yao, N., Tully, C.G., Ju, Y. and Koel, B.E., 2019. Nitrogen-plasma treated hafnium oxyhydroxide as an efficient acid-stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and oxidation reactions. Nature communications, 10(1), pp.1-8.

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Ju, Y., & Sun, W. (2015). Plasma assisted combustion: Dynamics and chemistry. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 48, 21-83

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