HANEDA Masashi - Tokyo College

HANEDA Masashi

Research interests World/Global History
01 Description of Research

I have been working on the way we describe the history of the world from the Japanese viewpoint of “inhabitants of the earth” for around ten years. I am particularly interested in how the West-origin concepts and values have been imported in the local language and culture of various regions and acquired a specific meaning. Currently, I focus on the establishment and evolution of “national identity”, which has been independently understood in each country in the world. I will connect different stories of each country by using the approach of global history and try to understand them as its entity.

02 Short Biography

Born on 9 July 1953
1976   BA in Department of History, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University
1978   Master of Letters, Oriental History, Graduate Schools of Humanities, Kyoto University
1983   Docteur de troisième cycle en études iraniennes, Université de Paris III
1985   Research Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
1986   Associate Professor, Faculty of Letters, Kyoto Tachibana Women’s College
1989   Associate Professor, Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo
1997   Professor, Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo
2004-2006   Vice-director, Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo
2009   Director, Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo
2010-2012  Director, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo
2012-2015  Vice President, The University of Tokyo
2016-2019 Executive Vice President, The University of Tokyo
2016-2021 Director of The University of Tokyo Institutes for Advanced Study, The University of Tokyo
2019-2021 Executive Director & Vice President, The University of Tokyo
2019- Director of Tokyo College, The University of Tokyo

03 Publications and Other Research Activities

Le Chah et les Qizilbāš: Le système militaire safavide. Berlin: K. Schwarz, 1987.
『増補 モスクが語るイスラム史-建築と政治権力』筑摩書房(ちくま学芸文庫)、2016.

【Co-authored books】
Islamic Urban Studies. Historical Review and Perspectives, co-edit. with Toru Miura, London, Kegan Paul International, 1994.
Asian Port Cities 1600-1800. Local and Foreign Cultural Interactions, NUS Press & Kyoto University Press, 2009.

【Translated books】
『アジアの港町1600-1800(韓国語)』(Kim Nayeo, Hyon Caiyeor訳)、Sunin出版、2012.
Toward Creation of a New World History, tr. by NODA Makito, Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture, 2018.
『海から見た歴史(韓国語)』(鄭淳一訳)Minumsa Publishing Group、2018.
Maritime History of East Asia, co-edit. with OKA Mihoko, Kyoto University Press & Trans Pacific Press, March 2019.

04 Honors and Awards

The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan Award for Young Scholars, 1988
Mainichi-shuppan Bunka-sho (Mainichi Award for Publishing Culture), Mainichi-shinbun, 2002
Ajia-Taiheiyo-sho (Asia-Pacific Award), 2006
Farabi International Award, Iran, 2010
Silver Award of Asia-Pacific Publishers, genre of academic publication, 2010
Shiju hosho (Medal of honor with purple ribbon), 2017
Officer of the Order of Palmes Académiques, 2021.