Language and Identity Workshop VI (Call for Papers) - Tokyo College
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Language and Identity Workshop VI (Call for Papers)

Workshop Series: Language and Identity

The nature of interaction between language and identity is a central topic in today’s academic discourse in numerous fields, including linguistics, psychology, education, media, and political science. The complexity and urgency of the topic has resulted in a number of approaches and methodologies aimed at the detection and investigation of features of identity, ranging from approaches informed by sociolinguistics and anthropology to those rooted in developmental and social psychology. Today, while simultaneously exploring the particularities of mechanisms of identity expression in and through language, linguistics identity research also informs approaches to multicultural education, language policy, and language in the workplace.

In this workshop series, we focus on building common ground between various approaches to identity and language, forming a cross-disciplinary view on such fundamental issues as levels of identity (personal, relational, or collective), identity stability and fluidity, the broader nature of identity (discovered or constructed), and identity and language in the context of digitization and globalization. These workshops aim to present a diachronic, multidisciplinary view on approaches to language and identity in a variety of linguistic contexts and traditions. We also welcome researchers investigating the interaction between language and identity from the perspectives of media, political science, psychology, healthcare, and history.

The workshop series opens with an event aimed at discussing the fundamentals of language and identity from a theoretical perspective. They will be followed by workshops focusing on the interaction between language and identity in media and communication, education policy, linguistic landscape, and language and mind. 

Each workshop will open with a keynote lecture followed by a discussion.  Each workshop aims to discuss several short papers on the topic.

Language and Identity Workshop VI.  Language, Identity, and the Mind

Place: Tokyo College, the University of Tokyo (online)

Time: Tuesday, 18 July 2023, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm (JST)

Language: English is the main language of the workshop (Japanese translation is provided for the keynote)

Keynote:  Dr. IMAI Mutsumi (Keio University), "The Relation between Language, Culture, and Thought" , 18 July 2023, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm (JST)

Presentation & Abstract: for a short 15 min presentation, please submit 250-words abstracts in English (excluding references)

In this workshop, we discuss approaches to national, ethnic and personal identities in psychology and behavioral sciences. This workshop aims to present an up-to-date picture of the theory and practice of psychology in the context of relations between language and identity.

Topics that are particularly welcome:

  • Culture, language and identity
  • Social Identities and language
  • National identities and language
  • Diversity and multiculturalism

Important dates:

June 21 Call for papers opens

July 7  Call for papers closes

July 11 Notification of acceptance

July 18 Workshop

How to Submit: Please submit your abstract in PDF before 17:00 JST July 7 to with Language and Identity Workshop in the subject field.