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Disaster Preparedness (Earthquakes, Typhoons and Torrential Rains)

Disasters frequently hit Japan: Earthquakes, Typhoons and Torrential Rains

What should you do when earthquakes, typhoons and torrential rains hit you? Let’s learn about the nature of disasters and become prepared from today! Please kindly remember that it is absolutely essential to obtain “accurate” information during disasters.

Make sure to read the following guidelines at least once. It is strongly recommend that you print them out and be prepared for when disasters suddenly happening.

https://www.seikatubunka.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/chiiki_tabunka/tabunka/tabunkasuishin/files/0000000144/bousaileaf_eng_taga.pdf (English, Tagalog)

https://www.seikatubunka.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/chiiki_tabunka/tabunka/tabunkasuishin/files/0000000144/bousaileaf_chi_kor.pdf (Chinese, Korean)

https://www.seikatubunka.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/chiiki_tabunka/tabunka/tabunkasuishin/files/0000000144/bousaileaf_viet_nep.pdf (Vietnamese, Nepali)

https://www.seikatubunka.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/chiiki_tabunka/tabunka/tabunkasuishin/files/0000000144/bousaileaf_yasanichi.pdf (Japanese)


<video>You can learn preparedness and prevention for earthquake with short animation.



Useful information for disaster preparedness

Information platforms for the members of UTokyo during disasters

・Website https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/en/index.html

・Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UTokyo.emerg/

・Twitter https://twitter.com/UTokyo_emerg/

UTokyo Website for International Students Disaster Prevention


UTokyo “International Student Handbook”

・Check: #6 Health and Safety > #6-6 Earthquake Preparedness


FAQs on earthquakes for UTokyo International Students


Tokyo Metropolitan Government “Disaster Preparedness Tokyo” (Tokyo Bosai)


"Disaster Prevention Handbook" complied by municipals where UTokyo is located

・Bunkyo City (Hongo Campus)


・Meguro City (Komaba Campus)


・Kashiwa City (Kashiwa Campus)


"Disaster Prevention Map" complied by municipals where UTokyo is located

・Bunkyo City (Hongo Campus)


・Meguro City (Komaba Campus)



・Kashiwa City (Kashiwa Campus)


NHK “Multilingual Emergency Updates”


"Safety tips" for travelers (app)



Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan "Addresses and Websites of Embassies & Consulates"



 Actions to take during disaster

1. Secure Safety

Please avoid harmful objects and secure your safety. You can spend a night(s) at evacuation center if needed. Check the designated site in advance through the website of the municipal that you reside in.

2. Obtain Accurate Information: Be cautious of misinformation and false rumors!

Getting accurate information from reliable sources is vital: NHK TV, NHK World Japan website(*1), radio news(*2), website of municipals that you reside in, local community and the embassy/consulate of the country you come from.

(*1) https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/app/

(*2)NHK Daiichi AM 594kHz, NHK Daini AM 693kHz, NHK-FM Tokyo 82.5MHz (Japanese Language Only)

3. Safety Confirmation

Report your safety to the University of Tokyo and Tokyo College via Safety Confirmation Service*.

*Quick reference

Please also report your safety to your family members and the embassy/consulate of the country you come from (if necessary).

Last updated : February 26, 2021