Hospitals - Tokyo College


The University of Tokyo Health Service Center

 If you have any symptoms of illness, you can visit the Health Service Center. There are English-speaking doctors.

The University of Tokyo Health Service Center

Each Health Service Center provides initial consultation and treatment, but not care for chronic illnesses (except for psychiatry).  If necessary, the doctor will refer you to another hospital.

・ Hongo Health Service Center

Internal medicine, otolaryngology (ear, nose, throat), dentistry, psychiatry, travel clinic

・ Komaba Health Service Center

Internal medicine, orthopedic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, psychiatry, travel clinic

・ Kashiwa Health Service Center

Internal medicine, psychiatry, travel clinic


To find out the days and hours of service, contact the Health Service Center or visit the website. Since they do not provide consultation via email, please go visit in person for any examination and consultation. Please be sure that you have your university ID card and some money with you.

Moreover, please note that you cannot use your health insurance card at the Health Center. There are fee rules that do not depend on the health insurance system and payments should be made in cash at the time of the visit. However, since you may be referred to an outside medical institution on the same day, please bring your health insurance card with you.


Hospitals and Clinics

   There is a wide variety of medical centers in Japan, including general hospitals, specialized hospitals, and clinics. The choice of which facility should be visited depends on the type and severity of your medical problem. Most of them accept health insurance, so please be sure to take your health insurance card with you when you visit.

   If you experience a serious illness or other medical emergency, dial 119 to call an ambulance.


Medical Service in Foreign Languages

   Following organizations can refer you to doctors who speak foreign languages.

AMDA Medical Information Center

Tokyo Metropolitan Medical Institution Information Service "Himawari"

   (also runs an emergency interpreting service)

      Tel: 03-5272-0303 (for 24 hours, daily)

Multilingual Medical Questionnaires” can help you convey how you feel in your own language in case of sickness. You can download multilingual medical questionnaires for free.


Last updated : February 16, 2021