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Riding Bicycle in Japan

1. Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration

Based on the Japanese laws and regulations, every bicycle-owner must complete the Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration. The registration is valid for 10 years.

  1. When purchasing a bicycle, be sure to carry out the Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration at the store. Then, they will give you a registration sticker (think of this as a mini license plate) to place on your new bike.
  2. If you receive a bicycle from a friend, have him / her provide you with a document certifying the transfer, and then take the document to a bicycle dealer to carry out the Bicycle Theft Prevention Registration in your name.
  3. Never ride an abandoned bicycle.

2. Bicycle insurance

Tokyo Metropolitan Government requires all bicycle riders to enroll in insurance (such as bicycle casualty insurance) to ensure that they can pay for any damage or injury to others if the rider is involved in a cycling accident. Please check the terms of the insurance plan you have already enrolled in and make the necessary adjustments if needed, or purchase cycling insurance.

3. Bicycle Traffic Rules

Please follow guidelines below to ensure your safety while riding a bicycle.

The Traffic Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists (National Police Agency)


Riding & Parking Bicycle on Hongo Campus

1. University Bicycle Parking Permits

A permit is required to park a bicycle on Hongo campus areas, including the Yayoi and Asano areas. Those who cycle to the University must obtain a parking permit after filing an application. Parking permits are available from Co-op stores and there is a charge of ¥1,000 per academic year for students and ¥2,500 per academic year for staff and researchers. For detail, please check the following guidelines.

Application Process (Japanese Language Only)

Bicycle Web Application for Staff and Student


2. Parking Lots on Hongo Campus

On Hongo Campus, parking is only permitted in designated spaces. Please check the following layout of parking lots and make sure to park in permitted spaces.

Layout of bicycle parking lot and motorcycle parking lot

*Blue areas: the parking lots for permitted bicycles

*Red areas: the bicycle parking lots only for visitors to the Hospital of UTokyo

*Orange areas: the parking lots for permitted motorcycles


Last updated : June 01, 2021