Responsibilities - Tokyo College


The work regulation of the University of Tokyo describes holidays and other benefits you are entitled to receive as a UT employee. But at the same time, it imposes certain responsibilities on you that you are supposed to follow. Details are described in Here the most essential items are listed

  • You must concentrate on your work during working hours.
  • You must refrain from any acts that are against the interest of the university.
  • You must obey the laws and guidelines set by the supervisors.
  • You must refrain from acts that might harm the trust of the university even at outside the office or on items not directly related to your work.
  • You should not reveal confidential information you acquired at work even after retirement.
  • You must obtain permission before you distribute any document or give a speech at work.
  • Sexual harassment is prohibited.
  • You need permision before taking a side job.
  • Acts such as receiving money and other gifts, being entertained, borrowing money or other items, receiving services free of charge, from persons who have interests in your work (having contract, students taking entrance examination, students whose petition is pending, students whose degree or graduation is pending, etc.) are forbidden. Traveling together with them is also forbidden.
  • Being entertained repeatedly from people, even if they do not have interest with your work, is forbidden. It is also forbidden to let them pay for your dining or drinking.
  • You are forbidden to receive payment for editing books when they are published using the university budget or more than half of them are purchased by the university.
  • Any act that systematically helps illegal activities or obstructs the investigation is prohibited.

Tokyo College members are required to take physical examination at the time of starting employment, regularly once a year, and other specially scheduled occasions, in accordance with the Industry Safety and Health Law and Regulation, and the work regulation of the University of Tokyo. A physical examination is also required when you plan to make official foreign travel for 6 months or longer. Proceed according to notices from our office.

Last updated : May 11, 2020