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Working Hours and Holidays


Working Hours

Employees conducting scientific research for Tokyo College are Discretionary Employees subject to the discretionary labor system prescribed by the Article 38-3 of the Labor Standard Law. In principle, normal working hours of full-time employees are 7 hours and 45 minutes per day. The working hours may be made more flexible by adopting discretionary labor system (exemption system) and is subject to the employees’ discretion.


Please note that when you wish to take any of the leave mentioned below, you need to apply in advance online. (Online application is effective on the 1st of April 2022)

1. Paid Vacation

  • Annual Paid Leave

The number of Annual Paid Leave is decided depending on the month you joined and how many months you will be engaged in work at Tokyo College. Please refer the table as follows:

The month you joined Granted Days
January 20
February 18
March 17
April 15
May 13
June 12
July 10
August 8
September 7
October 5
November 3
December 2

- On the 1st day of the next calendar year, twenty additional working days will be granted.
- As stipulated in the Labor Standards Act (Article 39), those who are given more than 10 days of annual paid leave are required to take a minimum of 5 days annual paid leave within the year following the date on which annual paid leave is granted.
- Your unused annual paid leave may be carried over to the next calendar year, up to a cap of twenty days.

2. Special Leaves

  • Refresh Leave

Full-time employees are entitled 3 days paid "Refresh" Leave in a calendar year besides annual paid leave. In addition to the refresh leave, the institute's closure takes place middle of August (the exact dates shall be announced in each year) and from December 29th to January 3rd every year.

  • Maternity Leave

Expectant female employees can take 6 weeks (14 weeks for twins or more) of maternity leave before childbirth and 8 weeks after giving birth. We also have a paternity leave system where you can choose to either continue to work or take some leave.

  • Childcare Leave

Any employee, either male or female, who is rearing an infant of up to 12 months of age, is entitled to childcare leave which starts from the day after the maternity leave (8 weeks after the birth date) to the day before the child reaches the age of 12 months. Female employees who are nursing an infant of up to 12 months are also entitled to take nursing time twice a day, each for at least 30 minutes in addition to the legally allowed break times. They can also take nursing time by showing up 30 minutes late or leaving work 30 minutes early, or take 60 minutes off at one time.

During the leave, the employee's compensation will be covered by the labor insurance at 67% of the salary for 180 days and 50% for the rest. Even after 1 year until the day before child reaches three years old, parents can extend the childcare leave without pay.

  • Family Care Leave

Employees are entitled to family care leave up to 6 months in total when the family member have a serious health condition. Employees need to provide at least 2-week advance notice and medical certification supporting the need for leave due to a serious health condition from doctor.

  • Bereavement Leave
Spouse 7 days
Parents 7 days
Child 5 days
Grandparents 3 days
Grandchild 1 day
Brothers and Sisters 3 days
Parents in Law 3 days
Child in Law 1 day


  • Other Special Leaves
Type of Special Leaves Period
Exercise of Voting Rights The period deemed necessary
Attendance as a Legal Witness or Jury Duty The number of days or hours deemed necessary
Bone Marrow Donor The number of days or hours deemed necessary
Social Contribution and Volunteer Activities Up to 5 days per year 
Anniversary of Death 1 day for holding the death anniversary of parents
House Damaged or Destroyed by Disaster Up to 7 consecutive days
Difficulty Commuting due to a Disaster, Accident, etc. The period deemed necessary
Other Outbreak of infectious disease, etc.

- All of these provisions shall apply only when it is deemed unavoidable or appropriate not to work.
-“One year” is taken from 1 January to 31 December of any given year.
- In principle you will take them in one-minute increments. However, “Refresh Leave” can only be taken in units of days.

3. Sick Leave

In the event that it is deemed unavoidable to refrain from working due to medical treatment following an injury or illness, an employee may apply for sick leave for a minimum period of time. Please contact the support team for details as the number of days that can be taken consecutively is limited.

In principle, you are required to apply in advance. However, in unavoidable circumstances approval-after-the-fact may be sought along with provision of the reason.

Additionally, if you take eight or more consecutive days of sick leave, you are required to submit a medical certificate specifying the period for which convalescence was required as soon as possible.

Last updated : April 07, 2022