Trent BROWN准教授 論文を発表 - 東京カレッジ

Trent BROWN准教授 論文を発表

東京カレッジTrent BROWN准教授が執筆した論文が、下記通りの雑誌に掲載されました。各論文は下記のリンクよりご覧いただけます(一部要購読)。

Skill India’s unmet promises: raising expectations for financial assistance in training for informal sector livelihoods
Trent Brown
Journal of Vocational Education & Training (10 May 2023)

Skills, training and development: an introduction to the social life of skills in the global South
Trent Brown & Geert De Neve
Third World Quarterly (9 Jun 2023)

Who are the future farmers? Media representations of youth in agriculture, food security and ‘modern’ farming in Indonesia
Tessa D. Toumbourou, Wolfram H. Dressler, Anna Sanders, Ekawati Liu, Trent Brown, Ariane Utomo
Asia Pacific Viewpoint (27 April 2023)