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Post-Coronavirus China

GE Zhaoguang

The current coronavirus crisis has had a serious impact on China, just as it has changed the rest of the world. Over the last four months, there has been broad debate and analysis among scholars in China concerning the n…

Tokyo College under the Covid-19 Crisis

HANEDA Masashi

April 2020 was supposed to mark a memorable month for Tokyo College. This was because entering the second year from its establishment, besides adding a new Project Professor MINO Takashi, Tokyo College was expected to se…

Universal Values and the Post-Coronavirus Crisis World

ZHANG Houquan

It goes without saying that the economic sector is the first to be hit by the spread of the novel coronavirus. As things stand, there are also whispers about a retreat of globalization. It is possible that there will be …

Identity and the curation of sites of modern heritage


As I write this blog, all of us here at Tokyo College, and all around the world, are living in truly abnormal times. For the more fortunate among us, the novel corona virus, aka COVID-19, has merely (!) upended and const…

Will Digital Technology Save Us? : The Post-Coronavirus World

SANO Masaki

How long will the city lockdowns and closed borders continue? On April 7th, a state of emergency was declared for 7 of Japan’s prefectures, including Tokyo, and citizens were asked to reduce their contact with other peop…

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Corona Crisis

FACIUS Michael

Just like everyone else, the team at Tokyo College has been affected by the corona crisis and the increasingly drastic measures put into place to prevent a further spread of the pandemic. Our public lectures had to be ca…