Igor PILIAIEV - Tokyo College
Visiting Scholar


Research interests Political Science, International Relations, Modern History. Period of stay 18 November 2022 - 31 March 2023
01 Description of Research

My research main field is the interdisciplinary study of the influence of value systems on political and socio-economic transformations, especially in Ukraine, Europe, East Asia and on a global scale. In my research I draw especially upon the fractal-synergetic approach method which I have fruitfully developed for the last 8 years. My academic works are devoted to problems of restructuring the architecture of global leadership, the nature of the Russia-Ukraine conflict from the post-nonclassical viewpoint, the impact of Confucianism and Protestantism on national advance, political modernization and socio-economic development, value issues of the European, Eurasian and regional integration, modernization in the regions of Central and Eastern Europe, East Asia, international legal principles of protection of languages and national minorities, experience of democratization and consolidation of civil society in post-totalitarian countries, the historical experience of ethno-national politics as well as the problems of international migration.

02 Short Biography

2022 – Visiting Scholar, Tokyo College

2019 – 2022 Leading Research Fellow, Institute for Economics and Forecasting, National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine

2019 Visiting Scholar, National Chengchi University, Taipei

2018 – 2020 Professor, The Kyiv University of Law, NAS of Ukraine

2015 – 2022 Professor, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv

2014 Visiting Scholar, Vilnius University

2013 – 2014 Leading Research Fellow, Institute of World History, NAS of Ukraine

2012 – 2013 Associate Professor, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine

2004 Dr. hab. in Political Science, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, NAS of Ukraine

1988 PhD in International Economic Relations, Shevchenko State University of Kyiv

1984 MA in International Economic Relations, Shevchenko State University of Kyiv

03 Publications and Other Research Activities

(2022) Transforming Trends of Globalization under the Full-Scale Russian Invasion of Ukraine. In: Borzenko, O. (Ed.) Hlobalizatsiyni vyklyky s`ohodennya [Globalization Challenges Today]. Kyiv: NAS of Ukraine, Institute for Economics and Forecasting, pp. 25-31

(2021) Prospects for the East-West Civilizational Convergence: Confucian Tradition Democracy in the Republic of Korea. Monograph. Prague: Coretex CZ SE, 2021, 248 pp. (in co-authorship with L. Kistersky and V. Marmazov)

(2021) The East-West Dichotomy in the Globalizing Perspective. Ukrainian Policymaker. Vol. 9, pp. 87-93

(2020) The Impact of the Ethical Messages of Protestantism on Modern Society. In: Kistersky, L. & Romanenko, O. (Eds.). Reformation: The Success of Europe and a Chance for Ukraine. Prague: Coretex CZ SE, pp. 183-201

(2019) The Nature of the Armed Conflict in the Donbas: A Postnonclassical Viewpoint. Ideology and Politics. No. 3(14), pp. 77‒105