CHEN Fei - Tokyo College
Visiting Scholar


Affiliation Shanghai Normal University Research interests History of Sino-Japanese Cultural Exchange, Transnational History Period of stay 23 May 2022 - 30 April 2023
01 Description of Research

I am Associate Professor of Japanese and Chinese History at Shanghai Normal University. My research explores the transnational production of modern knowledge in East Asia, which has been situated at the intersection of multiple layers of power relations. I co-edited an anthology entitled Alternative Representation of the Past: The Politics of History in Modern China (2020), which provides a critical reflection on nation-centric and state-centric historiography in modern China. I am currently working on two book projects. One investigates how Japanese knowledge helped China transform from an empire into a nation-state during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The other is an anthology that examines the politics of sinographs and Literary Sinitic in East Asia during the twentieth and twenty-first century.

02 Short Biography

2020–2021, Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute

2019­–present, Associate Professor, Department of World History, Shanghai Normal University

2018 Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Information Studies, University of Tokyo

2011 MSc in Modern Japanese Studies, University of Oxford

2010 BA in British Literature, China University of Political Science and Law

03 Publications and Other Research Activities


Ying-kit Chan and Fei Chen (eds). Alternative Representations of the Past: The Politics of History in Modern China. Berlin: De Gruyter Oldenbourg, 2020.


“Transforming an Imperial Frontier: Japanese Knowledge and the Qing Empire’s New Tibet Policy”, Asian Studies Review 44, 3 (2020): 422–440.

“Buddhisizing the World: Global Imperialism and Kawaguchi Ekai’s Travels in Tibet”, Journal of Asian History 54, 1 (2020): 131–156.


“Rediscovering Yellow River and Yangtze River: Circulation of Discourses of the North-South Dichotomy between China and Japan, 1895–1911”, International Journal of Asian Studies 16, 1 (2019): 33–51.


“Loyalist, Patriot, or Colonizer? The Three Faces of Zheng Chenggong in Meiji Japan and Late Qing China”, Journal of Modern Chinese History 12, 1 (2018): 22–44.

“Disassembling Empire: Revolutionary Chinese Students in Japan and Discourses on Provincial Independence and Local Self-Government”, Journal of Asian History 51, 2 (2017): 283–315.

“Negotiation for Modern Education: The Politics behind the Curriculum and Admissions Reforms at the Tongwen Guan”, Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 17, 1 (2017): 41–60.

04 Honors and Awards

Wang Gungwu Prize, awarded by Asian Studies Association of Australia in 2021 for the article “Transforming an Imperial Frontier: Japanese Knowledge and the Qing Empire’s New Tibet Policy”.