Iryna PETRYCHENKO - Tokyo College
Visiting Scholar


Affiliation Kyiv National Linguistic University Research interests Linguistics (Japanese Linguistics) Period of stay 15 April 2022 - 31 March 2024 Website
01 Description of Research

My research concerns time expressions (lexical temporality) in the whole-page newspapers’ advertising. In Japan newspapers are nation-wide circulating traditional and informative medias for spreading advertisements, and they are also very handful as texts for linguistic research purpose because they do not contain sounds and there is no need for scripting. On the other hand, the whole-page (15 blocks) advertisement texts in newspapers are extremely disconnected from other articles, the editorial opinion or page layout etc. so it can be expected that without such external factors they fully express their immanent characteristics.

02 Short Biography

04.2022- Visiting Scholar, Tokyo College
09.2020- Kyiv National Linguistic University, Eastern Philology Department, Research Associate
12.2009-09.2020 Kyiv National Linguistic University, Japanese Philology Department, Superior Lecturer
09.2003-12.2009 Kyiv National Linguistic University, Japanese Philology Department, Lecturer
03.2009 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Graduate School (Japanese Linguistics) PhD Candidate, course completed
07.2005-03.2009 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Language Training Center, Part-time Teacher of the Ukrainian Language
06.2001 Kyiv National Linguistic University, Master and Bachelor united Course (majors: the Japanese and English languages)
07.2000-03.2003 Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, Consular Department, Local Assistant

03 Publications and Other Research Activities

Petrychenko I., Yabusaki Y., Saito Ch., Morita J., Kobayashi A.「ウクライナさくら日本語教師研修2016の試み」(2018)『Movni i konceptualni kartyny svitu』63号、pp.195-200.
「日本の新聞広告文章におけるダイクシス -時間軸を中心に」(2009)『言語・地域文化研究』15号、pp.305-313.