Past Lectures | Tokyo College
2020.01.20 "The Mysterious Particles: Neutrinos" Lecturer:KAJITA Takaaki
2019.11.27 "Facing the Challenges of Global Environmental Problems" Lecturer:Yuan Tseh Lee
2019.11.12 "Japan and the Sustainable Development Goals: Domestic Challenges, Global Opportunities" Lecturer:Jeffrey D. Sachs
2019.10.24 "The Might of the Weak: The Role of Small States in International Relations and the Case of Iceland" Lecturer:Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson
2019.09.30 "Fuel of life" Lecturer:Sir John Walker
2019.09.19 "Kidney Diseases: Taming the Silent Killer」" Lecturer:Mark D. Okusa
2019.09.04 "Global History" Global History of Identit Panelists:Andreas ECKERT / Silvia SEBASTIANI / Philip NORD / HANEDA Masashi
2019.09.02 "Why Do We Need Global History?" Panelists:Sebastian CONRAD / Marc ELIE / Sheldon GARON / SUZUKI Hideaki
2019.07.22 "Japan That Breaks Away from ‘the Postwar’ " Lecturer:Park Cheol Hee
2019.07.10 "What is the ‘World’ in Japanese? Reexamination of Philosophy, History, Literature and Religion" Panelists:HANEDA Masashi / TAKAHIRO Nakajima / MITSUYOSHI Numano / SATOKO Fujiwara
2019.06.21 "‘Dark Tourism’ in Japan: Global, National, and Local Perspectives" Lecturer:Andrew Gordon
2019.06.17 "Why can't time run backwards?" Lecturer:Sir Anthony J. Leggett
2019.05.27 "The Gothic Cathedral of Science: The Nobel Prize and the Concept of ‘Revolution’" Lecturer:Svante Lindqvist
2019.05.15 "Envisioning a far more female future of Japan" Lecturer:Bill Emmott