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Launching a New Platform for Global Collaboration and Communication

Photo by Hiroyuki Shima

Tokyo College is a brand new scheme of collaboration for members of UTokyo to discuss and create a shared vision of an ideal future with people from across the globe and to take action together to pursue its realization. Leading scholars, promising young researchers and influential intellectuals from overseas will gather and stay at Tokyo College. There, they will have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas with our scholars and students, creating synergy and generating new knowledge, which will help us shape our future. Knowledge created by these activities will be delivered immediately to the public through lectures and seminars organized by Tokyo College.

What makes Tokyo College special? It is the spark of ideas created through the intense interaction of cutting-edge research. It is the inspiration of new learning that comes from flexible and innovative ways of thinking. It is the ingenious speculation of intellectuals backed by the practical experiences gained through their earnest engagements in society.

We are thinking of introducing a number of new and exciting initiatives at Tokyo College, which goes beyond the traditional framework of a typical university. Please stay tuned in.


Masashi Haneda, Director of Tokyo College


Areas of Focus

Sharing "the Joy of Discovery and the Power of Knowledge" is the main concept of Tokyo College. Under this concept, the central theme to be tackled in the mid-to-long term is "The Earth and Human Society in 2050." Tokyo College will focus on the following themes using an interdisciplinary approach.

1.Digital Revolution and Future of Humanity
2.Tackling the Planetary Boundaries through Interdisciplinary Approaches
3.Japan Viewed from Inside and Outside
4.Humanities in 2050 - World Philosophy, World History and World Literature -

Tokyo College will invite leading researchers, young researchers and influential intellects to host seminars, public lectures and collaborative research.

Comments from UTokyo President Gonokami and Honorary Director, Professor Sir Anthony Leggett (recipient of the 2003 Nobel Prize, University of Illinois) can be found in the press release.

Full text of the press release(PDF:385KB)